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UW HELP is one of the primary student outreach efforts of the University of Wisconsin System. The organization is tasked with helping high school students find, choose, and apply to the UW System’s 25 campuses. In 2022, we worked with UW HELP to completely overhaul their primary public-facing website. The website redesign is the culmination of a multi-year process of refining and refreshing UW HELP’s materials, organizing a wealth of resources into a single, comprehensive guide to the UW System campuses and UW application process.

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A design language that makes the complicated process feel easier

Built around the student

In our work with UW HELP, we learned how well students responded to instructions that distilled the complex application process into step-by-step, bite-size increments. And we learned how well students (and parents) responded to content that spoke to them like a deeply informed friend. Using these principles, we organized, consolidated, and rewrote all of UW HELP's materials to fit 5 intuitive steps.

Launching 2023