The bright minds (neurologists, to be precise) at Advanced Global Clinical Solutions discovered a way to use artificial intelligence to improve the detection and monitoring of seizures. Incredibly sensitive, fast, and accurate, the technology will revolutionize seizure detection — especially in infants. AGCS asked us to create a name and visual identity that measures up to the promise of the technology.

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30% of premature infants in NICUs experience seizures. And 80% of these seizures are silent, risking brain injury in as little as 20 minutes. Talos opens a diagnostic window to these critical events. We built the design language around the patients, families, and physicians impacted by this breakthrough technology.

Naming and Logo

We found the product name in Greek mythology — Talos — the bronzed automaton built to protect Europa from invaders. The logo evokes both this idea of protection, sheltering the head, as well as an ever-watchful eye.

Color palette

In the Cretan dialect, Talos means "the sun." It was this meaning that inspired our color palette, pulling soft hues from sunrises and the optimism of a new and brighter day.

Talos stationery

Talos introductory brochure

Talos print advertising campaign

Introductory website

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Trade show booth